As you walk through the Fairy Archway in the hedge on my verge you will start to feel the magic unfold. Opening my front gate and walking along my path, your Intention will gain momentum … to make this THE day to move Forward and Release all that has been holding you back. After ringing my doorbell you observe the Gratitude Garden tucked to your left … a place for Grounding and Connecting, a place for quiet Reflection and Gratitude. Butterflies hover, bees pollinate and ladybirds gather in this front garden of my urban farm. Tropical peach, nectarine, apple, nashi, fig, olive, vanilla vine, cardamon, galangal, turmeric, ginger and bay leaf all in this tiny front Garden of Love. My front door opens and you step in. Ready to be loved and nurtured gently through the process of energy healing. Taking a look in the mirror you observe your face. […]

Le Nu Raw Local Honey that is hand processed is divinely delicious and pure. RAW Honey is said to … anti-viral anti-bacterial anti-fungal anti-inflammatory antioxidants antimicrobial properties boosts immune system eliminating allergies remedy for skin wounds relieving pain and calming nerves be a great expectorant alkaline forming contains natural vitamins, enzymes, nutrients Nutrients are sadly destroyed during the heating and pasteurising process, pasteurised honey could be compared to being as unhealthy as eating refined sugar. Raw honey will naturally crystalise  over time. This is an indication that your honey is raw as the enzymes that cause the candying process are still active. If you store your honey in a cold environment, you can return your honey to liquid state by simply placing your jar in warm water. All raw honey will have a top layer of particles of wax, propolis and bee pollen, this is another indication that the honey […]

I let go of all fear and doubt and life becomes simple and easy for me *Louise Hay* So, about a decade back I was having problems with my right arm and in particular my right hand. It felt weird.  Tingles,  pins and needles, burning,  shocks and heat patches.  My Beloved is a medico so marched me off to see the Neurologist. A few tests later and I walked away still confused with no real answers. I felt entirely exasperated.  I didn’t enjoy the sensation. In fact it drove me nuts.  The sensations would change when I spoke with different people.  I recall saying to the Neurologist: “While I’m speaking with you my hand is burning all the way along the side and up my thumb but yesterday when I was speaking with My Beloved it was tingling and shooting across the palm and little finger”. I felt like a […]

There’s nothing like the growing attachment one feels when a pet actively seeks you out for company. Francesca loved her afternoon cuddles and had a beautiful quiet presence about her. She was found this morning in her pond floating. The irony is that beside her pond she had laid her last egg. Life and death side by side. Tears have been shed, poetry recited, flowers picked and flung as well as songs sung. Still the ache in one’s chest upon losing a valued pet rises up into the throat. Choked up and crushed we are. We have no regrets, our time spent with her was pure and grounding. The six year old’s are overheard reflecting – their words are without restraint, their emotions allowed to flow, their gratitude bubbles up when they speak of how she really was a great friend. Frankie you will be missed XO