As you walk through the Fairy Archway in the hedge on my verge you will start to feel the magic unfold. Opening my front gate and walking along my path, your Intention will gain momentum … to make this THE day to move Forward and Release all that has been holding you back. After ringing my doorbell you observe the Gratitude Garden tucked to your left … a place for Grounding and Connecting, a place for quiet Reflection and Gratitude. Butterflies hover, bees pollinate and ladybirds gather in this front garden of my urban farm. Tropical peach, nectarine, apple, nashi, fig, olive, vanilla vine, cardamon, galangal, turmeric, ginger and bay leaf all in this tiny front Garden of Love.

My front door opens and you step in. Ready to be loved and nurtured gently through the process of energy healing. Taking a look in the mirror you observe your face. What do you see in your reflection?

Sinking down into the green chair, feet soaking (in a warm, scented, Magnesium-filled tub), sipping green tea, I explain to you EXACTLY WHAT IT IS that I do.

I feel energy flood my body as we connect in together.

We speak about your problem briefly. The problem is a clue. But we’re not going to unpack out bags and live here. We’ll just used it as a starting point.

We take this negative problem and we collaboratively decide on HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?

We start focusing on setting the INTENTION.

Hopeful? Confident? Protected? Calm? Empathetic? Clear? Decisive? Safe? Secure? Positive? Calm? Forgiveness? Trust? Acceptance? Joy? Freedom? Love for Others and Self? Nurtured? Inspired? Courageous? Strong? Centred? Secure?  … there are so many choices!

We then progress into my beautiful healing space that is blessed and filled with love. While you lay on the bed, neck supported, knees supported with a bolster, eyes resting under an eye pillow, you’re snuggly nestled in under a soft blanket, gentle healing music playing in the background … I open the space in a safe and protected way.

Once we have all the permissions granted to proceed, we get down to business.

What is the ARCHETYPE stopping you from moving forward on this particular INTENTION?

What is the NEGATIVE LIFE PATTERN stopping you from moving forward for this particular INTENTION?

What is the NEGATIVE EMOTION stopping you from moving forward on this particular INTENTION?

What is the NEGATIVE BELIEF SYSTEM stopping you from moving forward on this particular INTENTION?

All this information is brought to the surface to be acknowledged. Bringing this information into this sacred space starts the process.

And from this point all healings take a different route and pathway. No two healings are identical. I am not in charge of the direction we go. I am merely the conduit.

The energy flows in quickly and strong.

For me it feels like someone knocks the back of my knees in and gives me a shove between my shoulder blades.

For you you may well feeling nothing at all … however clients can shift and move energy in a variety of ways.

People most commonly get goosies, feel a gurgling in their tummy, feel a crawling sensation over their skin or a tingling, yawn, cry, burp or even pass wind while other need to go to the loo. There is no right or wrong way to feel energy shifting and moving.

When the session is finished you’ll sit up slowly and gently on the bed, dangling your feet over the edge while you sip on filtered water to rehydrate.

As you head back out the front door you catch yourself in the mirror again. What do you observe? What subtle changes do you notice?

You will feel calmer, lighter &  freer.

You will feel more at peace.

You will feel glad to have started your journey to spiritual awakening and unlocking your true potential.