Taryn combines her experience from a range of therapies to give you the most wholistic healing.

About Energy Healing

Le Nu Healing refers to the “nude” the “bare” the “stripped back” kind of healing  … where I peel away the onion layers of the Conscious and access the elusive parts of the Subconscious where Energetic Memory is held and stored.

Energy Healing is for everyone.

Anyone with the INTENTION for tthing to be different.

Anyone who recognises they are STUCK.



I focus on Teaching, Empowering and Releasing. Liberating and freeing people from Negative Cords, Attachments, Ties and Connections, allowing them to move forward freely in life.

Balancing your Energy Centres (chakras) and cleansing your aura.

By tapping into your body to find what is THE priority. Insights and Answers bubble to the surface regardless of whether it is stored in yyour subconscious internal filing system.

  • It saves time.
  • It gets to the heart of a problem.
  • It provides a release as well as a healing during the one session.
  • Healing and Change sstart from your very FIRST session.

You don’t need to arrive with a Story to tell me. The Story is what holds you back. Swapping over the Problem (which is stated in the negative) to an Intention of how you want to Think, Feel, Act or Be (the positive) and then ccheckng in with Spirit to see what is holding  you back from achieving your Intention.

Most often your body has been waiting a very long time for you to make the decision to come for  Healing like this. By the time you walk in mu gate it is ready to Surrender  to all that it has been holding on to.

You have waited a long time to release.

You have been patient.

You’ve finally found someone who you can trust.

I am here to assist in the Energy Release of long held trapped stress or trauma in the Subconscious.

I am here to accomoany you on your Journey to find Peace and Empowerment.


In Person Healing Session

@ Le Nu Healing


2 Hours

Online Power Healing Session

via Zoom


Treatments may explore Identifying Archetype, Negative Life Pattern (NLP), Negative Emotion (NE), and Negative Belief System (NBS) holding you back. As well as releasing stored ENERGY and EMOTIONS.


Thank you Taryn!

I arrived unprepared, with an open mind, almost skeptical…
I left feeling cleansed, grateful, empowered and optimistic.
The whole experience is memorable with the head to toe welcome comprising a foot soak, the meditative healing process and the summarising debrief to end the session.
I realise naivety is not always a bad thing, because when we leave ourselves open, is when we can be our most receptive, therefore gaining the most from the healing itself.
I thoroughly enjoyed the session – thank you so very much!
— feeling peaceful.

Barbara Santarossa


Within Taryn’s safe-haven, I discovered the problem of my  hidden blocks hindering the way forward.
Taryn uncovered the layers with her dynamic, loving approach.
I left feeling Empowered,  with a Strategy to face adversity head on and 3 months later, it is still working.
Thank you.

Belinda Walker


For anyone considering an appointment with Le Nu Healing, you will be enveloped from the moment you enter Taryn’s energy.
From the soothing foot soak and tea …  it’s like meeting an old friend.
My experience was to say the least, Powerful, Specific and Meaningful.
I left feeling I’d achieved validation for many issues repeating in my life.
I’d highly recommend Taryn for anyone needing healing work.

Cheri Nicholas


My appointment with Le Nu Healing coincided after seeing a Doctor and receiving some rather disturbing health news.
Although the news was bad, the timing of the session with Taryn was perfect.
When l first arrived l felt very highly strung, overwhelmed and stressed.
During the session, l could feel myself becoming calmer and more able to deal with the news that had been delivered by the Doctor.
My subsequent session with Taryn was even more beneficial.
I find it hard to put into words, but if l must, l would say l left feeling grounded and more prepared to deal with issues that lay ahead.
What l have found even more interesting is that my last session was approximately 6 weeks ago and l can still visualise the session l had.
If l am feeling a little overwhelmed, l use the techniques Taryn suggested and l instantly feel more in control.
The service Taryn offers is unique and tailor-made for the person she is treating.

I can’t recommend her enough.

Simone Antoney


I have known Taryn Bartsch for many years now, her wisdom in health and wellbeing has been outstanding and inspiring.
My visit to Taryn was to support me with some limiting beliefs around going full circle.
Not just creating wonderful resources, but to market and promote them too.
I was not sure what to expect when I went for my session and I was truly blown away with how insightful it was for me.
There were things I hadn’t thought about for years and this newfound self- awareness has helped me to grow and flourish.
I particularly loved the mantra/affirmation that was given to me at the session.
“Go full Circle”.
Powerful stuff and I highly recommend anyone that is seeking to know themselves better, to experience the amazing work of Taryn Bartsch.

Kerry Spina


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