Releasing Fear

I let go of all fear and doubt and life becomes simple and easy for me *Louise Hay*

Releasing Fear

I let go of all fear and doubt and life becomes simple and easy for me
*Louise Hay*

So, about a decade back I was having problems with my right arm and in particular my right hand. It felt weird.  Tingles,  pins and needles, burning,  shocks and heat patches.  My Beloved is a medico so marched me off to see the Neurologist. A few tests later and I walked away still confused with no real answers.

I felt entirely exasperated.  I didn’t enjoy the sensation. In fact it drove me nuts.  The sensations would change when I spoke with different people.  I recall saying to the Neurologist: “While I’m speaking with you my hand is burning all the way along the side and up my thumb but yesterday when I was speaking with My Beloved it was tingling and shooting across the palm and little finger”. I felt like a fraud. My “symptoms” in my hand and arm were forever changing. My story didn’t feel consistent.

A few years ago I saw a psychic at the Psychic Fair who spoke about me hurrying up and getting on my path.  She spoke of using the energy I could feel in my hands to heal. I was still confused.  “What Energy?” I asked. “The energy in your right hand … when you feel it flowing it feels like burning or tingling”.

That was my Ah-Ha Moment.

I felt like I had been sleep walking and had just woken. How could I have been so completely ignorant?

My Beloved considers himself as Establishment and considers me Anti-Establishment. Raising the topic of me doing Energy Healing has been met with a raised eyebrow,  a quiet snigger as well as a loud guffaw. It’s taken time for him to process that I actually really do believe in this stuff.

It’s also taken time for me to bypass the fear. The fear of exposing myself. The fear of standing naked, nude …. bare before folks! Letting the world know how weird I really am – did I really want to go there?

I have released the fear.  It’s been holding me back for wayyyy too long. I am actually ok with me, what I believe and where I am headed. I am no longer afraid of my own power.  I choose to embrace it. I choose to stand in my own power.

I’ve enrolled in an Energy Healing Course to further explore my path. I’m off to Melbourne next week to immerse myself for 7 days in hands on energy healing. I can’t wait!!